What Others Say

In 2011 Steve was involved in a Bay Area technology project. Project investors wanted a cornucopia of references. References from that 2011 need have been condensed and added below. As necessary, depending on the project, Steve will be happy to provide last names and contact information for the individuals reflected below.

I am both honored and humbled by the following statements offered freely by friends and colleagues. Many years ago I penned, "Life is about relationships. Nothing more. Nothing less." I appreciate the relationships I enjoy with those who wrote the words below, as well as with others past, present, and future who are not represented here. Thank you all for your kind words and, more importantly, the opportunities I've had to share part of my life with each of you. Steve...

I have known Steve for over 15 years. Steve’s character is without question and his word you can always count on. You will be hard-pressed to find a more talented and hard working person.
Tim L.
Fort Collins, CO

Steve Fowler is a man I have known since 1976. We met in college and have stayed friends since. I know Steve to be a devoted father and husband, a committed man of faith, a friend to those in need and a supporter of just causes. 
Richard C.
New Market, VA

I have known Steve for nearly 10 years and know him very well on a personal level. He puts high focus on his family, friends, business operations, and his country. Steve is a man true in character.
Kelly P.
Tucson, AZ

Steve Fowler is a very friendly and hardworking individual.
Jaime W.
Fort Collins, CO

To Steve’s character, there is no question of his honesty and integrity. He holds himself to the highest standards of conduct, personally and professionally, and expects nothing less from the people he works with. He adheres to a code of conduct that strives to hold him and others to the highest standards, legally, morally and professionally. 
John T.
Nunn, CO

There are many attributes I could use to describe Steve's character. He is always willing to help others. His honesty, reliability, dedication, and hard working approach demonstrate that he is a man of high integrity.
Joan P.
Tucson, AZ

Steve holds the respect of those individuals he has worked with and his integrity and professionalism are without question.
Doug W.
Fort Collins, CO

I have been a jeweler since 1960, having been a store owner, jewelry designer, manufacturer and appraiser. I had the pleasure of working with Steve Fowler. He is highly regarded and well known. I know Steve as an honest, intelligent and innovative manager.
Duane W.
Fort Mohave, AZ

Steve represents a man of professional and confident stance, friendship, accountability, intellect, and with a down-to-earth personality of which I always found approachable and trustworthy. Steve's intellect and character is nothing less than A+.
Angi Q.
Windsor, CO

Steve is a dynamic leader that embodies true professionalism. He mentored me in many ways and I am grateful that he would take the time. I respect his honesty and integrity.
Jack G.
Manhattan Beach, CA

I dealt with Steve Fowler on a monthly basis regarding different aspects of account management and it was always a pleasure. I looked forward to hearing from Steve as he always had an upbeat attitude and positive energy.
Kristin M.
Wakefield, RI

In all of my dealings with Steve, he has shown impeccable business acumen and true understanding of today's marketplace. He sets high standards and encourages everyone around him to excel.
Michele B.
Warwick, RI

Not only is Steve a pleasant person to work with, he is very intelligent and a great leader. He is an honest, hard working, dedicated individual that I am happy to know. 
Gordon A.
Carr, CO

In my 48 years I can not recall ever enjoying my work as much as with Steve. He was the most fair and consistent manager I ever had. He took an emotionally bankrupt crew, gave us a vision, a map, some tools and then jumped in the trenches and dug side by side with us. He had our loyalty and respect. His integrity and character are unimpeachable. A no nonsense guy in a world full of nonsense, who still believes in God, Family and Country.
Dorrae F.
Bullhead City, AZ

Steve is organized, efficient and extremely competent. He has the intelligence, work ethic, and moral character to go beyond the expected parameters of any project he undertakes.
Tina S.
Fort Collins, CO

I have known Steve Fowler for almost 20 years and worked for Steve Fowler for five years, through good times and bad ones. I found that he is one of the most ethical and decent people I have ever known.
Jeff N.
Anchorage, AK

I have known Steve for about ten years and have witnessed his skills in various settings. Steve is always respectful of other’s opinions and leaves room for inclusion of all viewpoints rather than segregating out those that might conflict with his own view. This is the mark of a secure individual – a man of character.
Brenda A.
Oro Valley, AZ

From leader to active member, from teacher to student, and from advisor to interested observer. In all situations Steve holds himself to high standards, personally, professionally and morally in all that he does. The result, for the rest of us is an example that we can all hope to aspire.
John A
Oro Valley, AZ

I am a retired police Sgt with over 25 years in Law Enforcement. I have known Steve Fowler for more than 20 years. It has been my pleasure to deal with him both professionally and as a close friend. He is a fair and honest businessman. I have observed him give to the community in time, talents and monetarily.
Mark O.
Fountain Hills, AZ

Working with Steve gave me keen insight into not only his capabilities but also his personal character. Steve has a strong moral fiber that not only dictates his personal life but also emanates into his work. Whether I consider Steve personally and professionally I hold him in the highest esteem.
Jeremy C.
Oshkosh, WI

Steve Fowler and I have worked together for over 35 years. I have found Steve to be an extremely creative and capable individual. Steve’s strong operational skills and his ability to get the job done make him a valuable partner. Steve is smart, honest, and dedicated.
Tom O.
Anchorage, AK

Steve has vast experience dealing with jewelry and all metals of value. His ability to quickly evaluate jewelry and precious stones is one of the finest I have seen.
Randall S.
Louisville, KY

I think of Steve as being one of the smartest, kindest, and hardest working people I know. He is a great role model and always had a positive attitude. I have not met anyone like him in my entire life. Anyone would be lucky to know him and even luckier to work with him. Steve is truly one of a kind.
Charlie R.
Cedar Rapids, IA

I have known Steve Fowler for over 25 years and know him to be a hard-working, intelligent and honest person.
Jeanie S.
San Diego, CA

An avid family man, Steve is also a loyal friend, always extending a hand to someone in need. He is witty and intelligent and active in church and community affairs. I see Steve as a man of outstanding character, honest and trustworthy at all times.
Peggy L.
Oro Valley, AZ

I am most impressed with Steve’s character. He would not expect anything that he would not do himself, had compassion on the employees when needed and was a great support for all employees to better themselves. I consider Steve to be an excellent example for personal and professional character.
Michele L.
Loveland, CO

Steve Fowler is a man I have known for over 20 years, and a man I am privileged to consider my friend. In my knowledge of him, both personally & professionally, Steve has always demonstrated an integrity and character above reproach.
Carl S.
Anchorage, AK

Steve is an honest, perceptive, diligent person with a pleasing personality. He has high moral standards and is a good family man. He is a great neighbor who has participated in community services, and is always willing to lend a helping hand.
Delbert L.
Oro Valley, AZ

I have known Steve for over 20 years and have been associated with him on multiple levels from a client in business to co-worker and most importantly as a close friend. He genuinely cares for others. His commitment to those working for and with him give them a level of trust that is uncommon today in many business practices. On and off the job Steve practices great integrity and a generosity of his skills to improve all whom his life touches.
Dan R.
Minneapolis, MN

Steve made such a positive impression on me. Steve impressed me with his tact, class and intelligence.
Brian P.
Fort Collins, CO

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Fowler since 1992. Steve is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and diligent in whatever he is involved in. Whether it be work, family, community service or supporting friends in a crisis. I would certainly recommend Steve where intelligence, reliability, and trustworthiness are valued.
Denise G.
Maricopa, AZ

Steve always kept his word, which I believe is very important in any business. His presence always made me want to push to do my best, because I could see that he did the same everyday. Steve was a kind, caring, and intelligent man who had a very positive impact on me.
Breanne S.
Cedar Rapids, IA

I've known Steve for 15 years or so. Steve has the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and an unwavering commitment to do well and good for both company and customer. He's smart and committed, and driven to deliver on corporate goals - while retaining strong interpersonal skills and a sense of humor. 
Ken T.
Kirkland, WA

I’ve known Steve Fowler for over 20 years. Steve’s character is above reproach. He’s a family man with a deeply felt sense of right and wrong, with a strong moral compass. Steve has proven himself time and again as an individual who can be counted on.
David N.
San Francisco, CA