The Mighty Pen

Author | Biographer | Publisher

Steve allocates time to various tasks associated with the written word. He is an author, blogger, ghostwriter, and white paper developer. Steve is dedicating more of his time and effort to biographies; helping others document and preserve their stories, adventures, passions, and deeds.

Documenting Lives

I believe as we age, we gain new perspectives on life. Unlike most young people, those of us riding the downhill side of life's curve recognize our sojourn here is brief. Aging invites some of the following questions:
  • Will people remember me?

  • Will my grandchildren know about my life?

  • Will my accomplishments be forgotten?

  • Will these few photographs preserve my adventures?

  • Will others remember my deeds and passions?

  • Will my great-grandchildren know anything about me?
I focus my efforts on clients who don't want to be forgotten and those who wish to preserve their legacy in book form.

Some clients want their biography published as an immediate gift for family and friends. Others prefer their story shared after they've departed this life. Many are interested in having their life available for purchase on platforms like Amazon.

My mission is to help his clients achieve their legacy desires.