Steve's Personal Code of Ethics

I pledge my vigilance in continually striving to conduct my affairs consistent with the following edicts drafted by me; for the purpose of guiding me, in my personal life and business endeavors:

۰ Be Careful, Attentive, and Vigilant
۰ Be Candid, Factual, and Believable
۰ Be Caring, Empathetic, and Sincere
۰ Be Concerned, Reasonable, and Just
۰ Be Clear, Straightforward, and Direct
۰ Be Commendable, Moral, and Ethical
۰ Be Courteous, Humble, and Respectful
۰ Be Cheerful, Thankful, and Appreciative
۰ Be Competent, Professional, and Upstanding
۰ Be Conscientious, Transparent, and Authentic
۰ Be Compassionate, Thoughtful, and Sympathetic
۰ Be Charitable, Community Minded, and Generous
۰ Be Circumspect, Understanding, and Consistently Honest
۰ Be Credible, Reflect Integrity, and Exercise Good Judgment

Tracey and I strive to live our lives as positive guiding role models for our children, grandchildren, and others.  Although imperfect, we will nevertheless continue to do our level best in conducting our affairs consistent with these heartfelt principles.  We hope and trust our conduct and relationships are reflective of our intentions.