Solutions Development

A proponent of proactive solutions development, in advance of negative impact to the bottom line, Steve's experience and energies are often, however, secured for his skills in reactive problem solving.

Over the past 4 decades Steve Fowler's focus has been consistent in two areas:

Steve’s involvement with profit and non-profit enterprises, from single entities to nationwide organizations, begins with the identification of underlying core organizational issues hindering efficiency, success, and profitability. Identification focuses on (a) liability and risk exposure (b) underlying EBITDA contraction issues, (c) undetected business and sales opportunities, (d) organizational issues, and (e) underserved markets.

Solutions Development for organizational issues and liability exposure. Owners and managers generally recognize operations and profitability are being negatively impacted, but often lack the skills and experience necessary to effectively identify underlying core issues. Once problems have been identified and understood, Steve assists with the development and deployment of problem-solving solutions.

Author | Investor | Board Member | Staff Member

Specialties: Asset Transfers, Risk Management, Problem Identification, Solutions Development, Innovation, Enterprise Development, Profitability Enhancement, Workflow Efficiencies, Business Logic Codification, Multiple Workgroup/Location Management, Process Review, Loss Mitigation and Recovery, Blogging and Ghostwriting, as well as White Paper Development.